Marcia Forbes PhD
March 21, 2013

Boys & Girls Champs

Marcia Forbes PhD
March 6, 2013

We Waan Jostice! Who Cares?

Marcia Forbes PhD
February 12, 2013

Professor Patricia Mohammed, Professor of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad has given Dr Marcia Forbes' book 'Music, Media & Adolescent Sexuality in Jamaica' a glowing review. The following has been excerpted from her review.

Marcia Forbes PhD
February 2, 2013

Keeping Abreast via Tweets

I noticed excited tweets about Jimmy Cliff’s music being featured in a Volkswagen (VW) ad for Super Bowl 2013. Tweeps seemed genuinely impressed with this recognition of Jimmy and of Reggae music, one of Jamaica’s indigenous music forms. Later I noticed a few tweets about how cool it was to hear the ‘Germanization’ of the Jamaican accent in a video take-off of the VW ad.

Marcia Forbes PhD
January 15, 2013

A Solid WROC

With the talk at every level of Jamaican society being about the IMF and the critical role the coming relationship with this institution will play in the country’s future, it makes good sense for civil society to understand more. Titled “Economic Literacy and Gender Budget Analysis Training Course for Civil Society”, this programme was designed to do that. Under the auspices of the insightful and forward-thinking Women’s Resource Outreach Centre, training was offered to 30 persons for a small fee and on a first come first served basis.

Marcia Forbes PhD

A Love Affair

"The Internet mean a lot to me, without the Internet I can't survive. It's my life."

"The Internet is the part of the computer I love the most."

"The net is a new world for me that allows me to escape my problems and just talk and hang with friends."

"If I don't have it I would feel different, alone, left out."

Marcia Forbes PhD

The Bureau of Women’s Affairs in Jamaica partnered with the Blossom O’Meiley-Nelson Foundation to examine ‘The Impact of Public Images on Sexual Violence against Women & Girls’. The following is my presentation which specifically examined the influences of music and media in shaping behaviours. Some of the material here had to be cut from the presentation in view of time constraints.